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A Taiwanese Classic

Bubble tea has been a classic pastime drink in Taiwan since the 1980s. In the past, tea stands would sell after school or near malls for people to enjoy. It has since grown in popularity in the West as bubble tea shops started popping up in the US as early as the 1990s.

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Fan Favorite Flavors

We pay attention to what bubble tea lovers want and we deliver. Hand-picking the best flavors and sourcing our teas directly from the source. All of our Pocas bubble teas are pre-mixed and come with tapioca pearls at the bottom of every can.  

Quality like no other

Quality is everything! Pocas bubble teas come with the same quality found at any bubble tea shop. The best part about it, is you don't have to wait in line for it.


Drink anytime, anywhere

Have a bubble tea anytime, anywhere! Just let it cool, shake then enjoy a delicious drink with chewy tapioca pearls.

You ask, we deliver

We search for the most popular flavors out there, listening in closely to our customers. Bubble tea has taken the world by storm, and we are keen to delivering the very best at the best price.


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