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Discover the fun and delicious world of boba tea with our Instant Popping Boba DIY Kit. Perfect for boba enthusiasts and beginners alike, this kit brings the boba shop experience right to your home. With fruity popping pearls that burst with flavor and four unique tea blends, you can enjoy a refreshing and creative beverage in just one minute. Whether you're hosting a party, looking for a fun family activity, or simply craving a delicious treat, our DIY kit has everything you need to create your favorite boba drinks.



Experience the fun and flavor of boba tea with our Instant Popping Boba DIY Kit, and enjoy the burst of fruity popping pearls in every sip!

Each kit includes popping pearls that burst with delightful fruit flavors, adding a fun and tasty twist to your drinks.

Four Delicious Flavors!
  • Strawberry Dragon Fruit Oolong Tea: Combines the sweetness of strawberries with the exotic taste of dragon fruit and the richness of oolong tea.

  • Mango Passion Fruit Green Tea: A tropical blend of mango and passion fruit with the crispness of green tea.

  • Mixed Berry Hibiscus Tea: A vibrant and tangy mix of berries paired with the floral notes of hibiscus tea.

  • Peach Oolong Tea: A classic combination of juicy peach flavor with the smooth taste of oolong tea.

Easy & Fun DIY Experience
  • Quickly prepare a refreshing boba drink in just one minute, perfect for any time you crave a treat.

  • Perfect for parties, family activities, or a creative afternoon treat, this kit lets you customize your own boba drinks.


  1. Pour 35g of fruit tea powder into a cup.

  2. Add 250cc of cold water and 100g of ice cubes, then stir well mixed.

  3. Pour 50g of popping boba into the cup.

  4. Enjoy the delicious and refreshing popping boba fruit tea drink.


  • Adjust the amount of popping pearls based on your taste preference.

  • Experiment with mixing different flavors for a unique drink experience.

  • For a sweeter drink, add a bit of honey or sugar to taste.

Convenient Packaging

Includes everything you need with eaIncludes everything you need with easy, step-by-step instructions. Conveniently packaged for easy storage and use, ensuring a hassle-free boba, step-by-step instructions. Conveniently packaged for easy storage and use, ensuring a hassle-free boba experience.

Party Kit (Coming Soon)

Love to party? Here's a new twist!

Pocas Party Kit, it's perfect for parties. Available in sets of 6 or 12 cups, each kit includes everything you need for delicious bubble tea and popping boba in minutes.


Delight your guests with this fun and trendy treat. Enjoy bubble tea effortlessly with Pocas!

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