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Pocas Tea. Love in Every Tea Bag

Time to unwind and slow down time with a cup of tea. Pocas Tea is 100% organic, NON-GMO, and gluten free so that you can enjoy every sip. 

Moringa Teas 

Pocas Moringa Tea is made by harvesting fresh leaves from the Moringa tree and drying them at a low temperature to preserve the vital nutrients that will be released into your tea water. Moringa leaves are packed with antioxidants called "flavonoids", which are naturally occurring antioxidant compounds made in plants. In fact, Moringa is equal to even the strongest green teas in its ability to deliver powerful antioxidants to the body.

Functional Teas

Get more out of your tea with Poca Functional Teas. With ingredients like lemon grass, cinnamon and green tea; Pocas Teas can help you feel your best. We value your moment of rest, it is very crucial for your body's repair. Take your time to enjoy sip by sip.

Traditional Teas

Enjoy a classic cup of tea with Pocas Traditional Teas. We have classic flavors like English Breakfast to Chamomile. All for your rest and relaxation time. 

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